Astral Hoops LED Hula-hoops!
Atomic Evoke

The Atomic Evoke!
With up to 222 full color LED's and 165 modes built in, the Atomic hoop is mind bending. Now available in 5/8" PolyPro and HDPE!


Levitation Wand

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Design your own custom, one of a kind, single function hoop from a variety of solid, color fading, strobing, and super high power LED's.
$125 to $250
Build Custom Hoop


We used LED's that are 5 times the brightness of regular hoop LED's to balance out the power of fire in this unique and amazing fire LED hoop. Features high performance Synergy fire wicks with flexible spines.
Build Custom Hoop
Ready Made Hoops


Instructional DVDs & Accessories
- Instructional DVDs
- Extra Chargers
- Hoop Straps
- Gift Certificates

Quality Guaranteed

Durability guaranteed with a One Year Warranty against defects.


Rattle Free

Our unique foaming technique provides the circuit with unbeatable shock dampening.

Rattle Free


Included rapid smart charger plugs directly in for quick and easy charging.


Build Your Aura Hoop

Use the options below to customize your Aura Astral Hoop.  If you'd like to build something other than an Aura, go here to select a different model.

The Aura features:

  • Ultrabright 5mm color changing LEDs
  • Flush mounted power switch
  • Your choice of Li-Ion or NiMH rechargeable batteries (spaced equally for a perfect balance)
  • 1 Hour smart charger that plugs directly into the hoop (2300mAh battery option will take up to 2 hours to charge)
  • Collapsible for easy travel
  • "No rattle" construction
  • For your health and the environment, we use only RoHS compliant and lead free components and solder.
  • Workmanship and durability guaranteed with a one year warranty

Need it quick?

See our selection of ready made hoops.

Design your own custom hoop from a variety of solid, color fading and strobing LED's.

Recommended Build: $140-$200

Custom Build

Model: AURA [change]

Price of Each Aura = $75 + Price of LEDs + Optional Extras

Not sure what options to pick? See our selection of ready made hoops specially designed by us..

Hoop Size

Inside Diameter Inches

Hoops smaller than 37" will not be infinity collapsible .

Please measure your current hoop to make sure you are ordering the correct size.
Hoops are measured differently by different people. We go by the INSIDE DIAMETER. A resizing fee may apply to change the size of your hoop after we start building it.


Add more color with Synergy FlowArts colored tubing. The translucent colors look great in daylight and don't significantly effect the LEDs at night. (+$10)

Add more color with Synergy FlowArts colored tubing. The translucent colors look great in daylight and don't significantly effect the LEDs at night. (+$10)


Select 10 or more. We recomend 20 to 25 for a full look.

Solid Colors ($3 each)


Hot Pink

Yellow (orange hue)




Super Bright White

      Color Changing & Strobes ($5 each)

Rainbow Color Fade/Flash









Rainbow Strobe

LED Color Pattern



We use only the highest quality batteries, which will last for years when treated with care, and which deliver the most amount of power for their weight. The batteries are installed in even intervals around the hoop to maintain a perfect balance.

Batteries have the greatest effect on the weight in the hoop. Select larger batteries for a heavier hoop or smaller batteries if you like your hoop light as a feather.

*Actual time varies depending on the number of LEDs in hoop.


Sanding (no extra charge) - Recommended for better traction.

3M Grip Tape (+$10) - 1/3" strip of 3M grip tape along inside of hoop for extreme traction.
Tape (+$5) - 1/2" gaffers tape for additional traction and style. Since the tape comes on large spools, we're not able to include it on the side.
(pick 1 or 2)



Add Fire Wicks (Optional)


Add Synergy Firehoops Quick Wicks® to this hoop. We'll send you the size to match your selected tubing.

All Quick Wicks® have a 1" wick on a 4.5" flexible spine. Synergy wicks are extremely lightweight, weighing only 1.2oz each. Quick Wicks® are easily removable and can also mount on other hoops or objects with a similar diameter. Socket wrench for removing spines included.


Custom orders take 1 to 3 weeks to build.

Need it quick? See our selection of ready made items.