Astral Hoops LED Hula-hoops!

The Atomic Evoke!
With up to 222 full color LED's and 165 modes built in, the Atomic hoop is mind bending. Now available in 5/8" PolyPro and HDPE!


Levitation Wand

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Design your own custom, one of a kind, single function hoop from a variety of solid, color fading, strobing, and super high power LED's.
$125 to $250
Build Custom Hoop
Ready Made Hoops

We used LED's that are 5 times the brightness of regular hoop LED's to balance out the power of fire in this unique and amazing fire LED hoop. Features high performance Synergy fire wicks with flexible spines.
Build Custom Hoop
Ready Made Hoops

Instructional DVDs & Accessories
- Instructional DVDs
- Extra Chargers
- Hoop Straps
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Ready To Ship

These flow tools are fully built and ship within 1 to 2 business days. Since they are finished, no customizations can be made on them.

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Model Model Size Tubing Pixels Batteries Weight Price ID Link
atomic4 atomic4 25" ID 3/4" Polypro Regular 350mAh 8.5 oz $304.00 30968 More Details
atomicwand atomicwand 26" ID 3/4" Polycarb Double 350mAh 4.0 oz $199.00 ATOMICWAND More Details
firestorm firestorm 30" ID 3/4" Polypro 1000mAh 19.4 oz $274.00 31516 More Details
aura aura 33" ID 5/8" Polypro 1000mAh 10.4 oz $187.00 36867 More Details
atomic4 atomic4 39" ID 7/8" HDPE Regular 1000mAh 15.6 oz $349.00 36222 More Details
atomic4 atomic4 40" ID 1" HDPE Double 1000mAh 18.0 oz $399.00 36223 More Details
astralproject astralproject 45" ID 5/8" Polycarb 700mAh 6.3 oz $240.00 31296 More Details