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FlowToys PodPoi
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FlowToys PodPoi®

At Astral Hoops we're huge fans of this glow poi! FlowToys PodPoi are beautifully designed with great attention to every Detail. With multiple adjustable modes, these poi have uses ranging from mind-blowing performances to mood lighting for your cushy festival tent. The batteries last seeming forever in these and they can be easily charged through a standard Micro-USB charge-port. Not only do podpoi put on a mesmerizing light show, the silicone body is soft on impact (with your face) and virtually indestructible. Sold as a pair.


  • full color - many modes - infinitely adjustable
  • bright - lasts all night - usb rechargeable
  • non-toxic - conscious design
  • super durable - lifetime warranty
  • 1 pair of podpoi with flowleashes
  • 1 pair of long micro-USB cables (if you have cables and don't need more, you can choose not to include them).


You can add PomGrip knob handles or flowlight handles, just like our other poi. (All podpoi still include swivelled floop handles, and you can attach your flowlight handles or PomGrips directly to the floop handle.) You can also get a 2-bay US wall adaptor for charging to a wall and the option of adding 2 European plug adaptors, all for a super sweet deal. All options are available in the dropdown menus above.

Tech Specs

  • Poi head weight: 115g (weight is distributed towards the end of the poi head, making it feel heavier - same weight as crystal poi w/ double mass, but feels heavier)
  • Size: 118mm long and 66mm in diameter (4.6 x 2.6 inches)
  • Leash: Flowleash with swivelled floop handle - the first leash system custom fabricated for poi spinning. Leash is adjustable from the handle end for a custom fit.
  • Material: Silicone rubber shell and polycarbonate light capsule
  • Battery: 3.5-4.2v, 750mAh rechargeable Li-ion
  • Micro-USB: Maximum power draw of 500ma
  • LEDs: 4x super-bright RGB LEDs - total of 12 LEDs!

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