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Synergy Fire Contact Staff
Synergy Fire Contact Staff WickSynergy Contact Firestaff

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Synergy Fire Contact Staff

At Astral Hoops, we enjoy collaborating with other flowarts companies who are the best of the best at what they do and share in the same values and appreciation for the flowarts community. We're proud to offer Synergy fire and practice props to complement our LED products. We think they're really top notch!

Buy with confidence. Synergy products come with a 1 year warranty backed by their state-of-the-art flowarts shop. Like us, they support what they create long after the sale is made.

A best-seller in live vending situations because once you get your hands on one of these and feel the amazing grip and balance, it's hard to pass up. Perfect for contact movements as well as regular spinning, these high-quality contact staffs have lighting fast reaction time and a perfect weighted center.

Made of a high-strength, light-weight aluminum core with a forgiving and high-traction grip, they feel great in the hand and on the body. This Rainbow Michael design has been tested for almost a decade and put to the test by countless professionals. Featuring wick made with quality K1 Kevlar that leaves no exposed rod at the end, and a precision balance point center. We recommend that the length of the staff be around "chin height."


  • Choose 5/8" OD, 3/4" OD or 7/8" OD Aluminum Rod
  • Ultra cushion textured grip by Gamma
  • No exposed rod at ends of staff
  • 3" K1 Kevlar
  • Available in lengths from 4' 6" (54") to 6' (72")
  • Your choice of detail mirror tape color

Synergy FlowArts