Astral Hoops LED Hula-hoops!
Atomic Evoke

The Atomic Evoke!
With up to 222 full color LED's and 165 modes built in, the Atomic hoop is mind bending. Now available in 5/8" PolyPro and HDPE!


Levitation Wand

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Design your own custom, one of a kind, single function hoop from a variety of solid, color fading, strobing, and super high power LED's.
$125 to $250
Build Custom Hoop


We used LED's that are 5 times the brightness of regular hoop LED's to balance out the power of fire in this unique and amazing fire LED hoop. Features high performance Synergy fire wicks with flexible spines.
Build Custom Hoop
Ready Made Hoops


Instructional DVDs & Accessories
- Instructional DVDs
- Extra Chargers
- Hoop Straps
- Gift Certificates

Service Menu

Warranty ServiceN/C
Replace Tubing$50
   Smaller / Bigger
   Firestorm +$20
   5/8" Atomic +$10

Atomic Evoke Software
3rd gen and up. more
Atomic Evoke Expansion:
Persistence of Vision

Evoke software required.
Atomic Designer
Evoke software required.
New Batteries$60
New Power Switch$15
New Atomic LED Circuit$125/
New Atomic Micro Board$60/90
Replacement Charger
See Accessories
Other Work per hour$45

Multiple services performed together may qualify for a discount. Prices do not include shipping or sales tax.

Hoop Shop Services

Has your Astral Hoop not been the same since that trip to the beach? The one where your pizza toss sent it crashing into the ocean waves? Have no fear. Using state of the art tools and test equipment, the super talented Astral Hoops hoopsmiths can troubleshoot and fix any problem.

We can also re-size, replace tubing, and in some cases update your hoop with the latest features, improvements, and software. See the service menu on the right for a list of what we offer.

We also stand firmly behind our one year warranty. If you have any trouble with your hoop due to an original defect in a part or our workmanship, we'll fix it free of charge. The warranty does not cover things such as tubing kinked from improper collapsing/coiling or damage caused by water or dirt. See the Hoop Care Instructions for information on how to take excellent care of your hoop.

Since summer is a very busy time for us, please allow 3 to 5 weeks for most repairs and services. This time can vary depending on our current workload and the complexity of work being done. If you need to have your hoop back by a certain date, please confirm the timing with us BEFORE sending the hoop.

Please do not return any hoop to us without filling out a service order. This can cause major delays in servicing your hoop!

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