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This page is the first step in returning your Astral flow tool to us for service. Please follow the instructions closely so we can fulfill your request quickly and accurately. If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

What The Service Includes

We want your Astral to last a very long time, grow with your changing needs, and be able to be upgraded with new advancements. We proudly offer a full menu of services to assist with this. We perform a full inspection on every item that we disassemble for service. We're continually improving the design of our products. When working on yours, we'll often update it with these new improvements free of charge.

What It Will Cost

  • If you have any trouble with your Astral flow tool due to an original defect in a part or our workmanship, we'll fix it free of charge.
  • The warranty does not cover things such as tubing kinked from improper collapsing/coiling or damage caused by water or dirt.
  • For more information on what that covers and doesn't cover, see the One Year Warranty.
  • Repairs not covered by the warranty will be billed at the time of service according to the Service Menu.
  • A deposit might be required before starting more involved services.
  • For paid services, we'll send an invoice to pay via email when your service is ready. Payment is due when the invoice is sent and we're not responsible for items left unpaid past 45 days.

How Long It Will Take

  • Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for most repairs and services (not including shipping transit times).
  • It can take longer during busy times of the year, such as in the Spring and around holidays and major festivals.
  • If you need to have your item back by a certain date, please confirm the timing with us BEFORE sending it in.
  • If you need a hoop for a performance while yours is in the shop you can borrow a hoop.

Product ID

Enter the 5 digit product ID located on the inside of your flow tool. If yours doesn't have a product ID, you can find it in the confirmation email sent when you originally placed your order or Contact Us so we can look it up for you.

Product ID:      Product ID

Fix a Problem

Is your Astral having a problem that you would like fixed?   Yes     No

If "Yes", please describe the problem in detail here. If you've already described the problem to our customer service, please copy that information here also. This is the only thing our technician will see when working on your item. Information entered on this form will only be seen by our technician. If you have a question that requires a response, please contact our customer service.

Paid Services

Paid services will be billed at the time of service. See our Service Menu for a full list of prices and offerings.

Add 3M Grip Tape ($10)

Replace Tubing (Hoop: $69, Wand: $49, Staff 2016-2017: $89)
For hoops, the tubing will be replaced with the same type it currently has. If you would like to change the color, diameter (5/8", 3/4", or 7/8"), or material type please specify your chose in the "Other service" box below. Changing the diameter requires additional work to modify the circuit. Contact us for a quote.

Re-size Hoop to Inches INSIDE DIAMETER
      (Smaller: $59, Bigger: $79, Firestorm: add $20, 5/8" Atomic: add $10)

Test Batteries, Replace if needed (recomended)
Batteries can loose capacity over time and use. Select this to have us test the capacity of your batteries and replace them if we find a significant decrease in performance. Battery replacement is $29 for hoops and wands when combined with most other services, $59 when done as the only service, and $99 for staffs. We automatically test the batteries on in-warranty items and replace them free of charge if they've lost more than 25% of their capacity in the first year.

Free software update included with all services!

Other service:

Your Information

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Rush Servicing

Do you need your service item back by a specific date? Enter the date below to order our rush service. We'll specially handle your service from the moment it comes into the shop and do our best to have it to you in time. For the best chance of having it back to you by when you need it, please try to allow at least a week for us to perform the service, not including shipping transit times. The price for rush servicing is $25 and mush be paid before sending your item in. This doesn't include expedited shipping. Our standard shipping takes only 2 to 3 days to most US locations. If faster shipping is needed to deliver your item in time, we'll contact you with expedited shipping options. We do our best to perform all services as quickly and accurately as possible. If you don't select this option, we'll work on your service in the order it's received.

Need By Date MM/DD/YYYY (Leave blank for standard processing. Rush fee: $25)


By clicking Submit Request you agree to have us do the work requested above and understand that you will be invoiced at the rates posted on our Service Menu. If the services required to fulfill your request could exceed $150 per item we will contact you before starting work. Warranty work is, of course, free of charge.